Patient Care Documentation, simplified.

So you can focus more on the actual patient care.

You can trust MDRecords

As truly testified by MDRecords users

It is easy to use and affordable

This app is my 1st EMR. It is easy to use and the support group is very helpful and supportive. It is likewise affordable especially for new practitioners. Make the switch now.

Dr. Angelie Dugasan

General Pediatrician from General Santos City

Easy to navigate esp. for who are not techie

The website of the online medical records is very user friendly. It is easy to navigate on the site which is good especially for health practitioners who are not techie.

UST Community Clinic

Client from University of Santo Tomas Community Hub

Convenient, easy and comprehensive

The online medical records used in our telemedicine sessions are convenient, easy and comprehensive guides that aid us in doing history and PE, writing our assessment, plans and management for our patient as well as referrals in this online setup. It allows us to be organized and systematic in handling each case so that we don't miss out on any important details. Overall these medical records are very useful especially in the advancement of conducting medical consults via online platforms.

UST Community Clinic

Client from University of Santo Tomas Community Hub

It is generally easy to navigate

It is generally easy to navigate. User friendly interface. The prefilled templates are generally helpful to shorten the input time in the chart.

Dr. Lynard Anthony Ignacio

Client from University of Santo Tomas Community Hub

Very helpful in online setting

Online medical records served its purpose and was very helpful in online setting.

UST Community Clinic

Client from University of Santo Tomas Community Hub

Why choose MDRecords?

Here’s few (of many) but true reasons

Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Access it online with the compatible browsers on your laptop, tablets, or mobile devices.

Document Patient Chart with Ease

Automate the work at your practice and reduce medical errors with our comprehensive forms and your customizable clinical templates.

Safe and secure

MDRecords is certified by the National Privacy Commission (NPC) to be compliant with the rules and regulations of Data Privacy Act. MDRecords is also made with trusted tools and technologies that are safe and secure.

Adaptable to various practices

MDRecords is designed to adapt different workflow setups.

3 ideal steps to improve your workflow with MDRecords


Utilize MDRecords Appointment System

Review and approve appointments made by your patients on your custom MDRecords EMR

Or create an appointment directly to the system


Organize the Patient Queues

Easily add your patients to the waiting list when they arrived

Check who to call from the waiting list


Document Patient Records with MDRecords Smart forms

Optimize the comprehensive forms (includes laboratory, test results, prescriptions, medical history, and other clinical & non-clinical forms)

Customize your templates

Easily retrieve records and generate reports

As of February 2023


Registered Organic Users

from various MDRecords EMR


Electronic Clinical Forms developed

Laboratory forms, specialization forms and other clinical templates


Stored Medical Records

Office visits, laboratory custom forms, and other clinical and non-clinical templates

MDRecords powerhouse

Everything you need in one platform

Exclusive custom MDRecords

Smart Office Visit Documentation

Specialization Clinical Forms


Multi-facility Management

Laboratory & Radiology

Appointment Management

Customizable Templates

Billing System

Smart alerts and dashboard

Patient Queuing

Reporting and Analytics

Pro functions, basic price.

Early bird package



per doctor account monthly

No setup fee!

3 months minimum subscription

₱ 12,000 yearly

Unlimited Records

Exclusive MDRecords URL

MDRecords PRO Functions

The promise of future MDRecords

Now, you finish your task. Next, you surpass your task goals.

Possibilities are limitless. MDRecords continues to grow the more we discover the needs of healthcare practitioners.

Inpatient Module

Emergency Room Module

Telemedicine App

Census Module

MDRecords AI

MDRecords Electronic Health Records

We have answers

Here’s answered frequently asked questions (FAQ).

What is MDRecords?

MDRecords is a cloud-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) designed by groups of medical practitioners with different specializations and developed by technology experts. Its objective is to provide effective and efficient patient medical record documentation and management so that the medical practitioners can allot more time for the actual patient care.

Can we get all possible functions MDRecords can offer?

Definitely! We give PRO functions for the price of LITE whether you're solo or group if you register during our early bird period.

Is MDRecords safe?

MDRecords is certified by the National Privacy Commission (NPC) to be compliant with the rules and regulations of Data Privacy Act. To add, MDRecords are protected by encryptions and strong login and password systems. Since we are cloud-based, our servers are protected and have fail-safe systems in case things get out of hand.

What happens to our existing paper charts?

You have the ff. options:


Scan the paper charts then upload it to Patient Document section.


Manually encode each paper charts to corresponding MDRecords forms.

Tip: Most of our clients kept their existing paper charts manually and just encoded one-by-one when the patient confirmed their next visit.

Can we print prescriptions?

Yes. Just make sure you have your S1 and S2 License entered in your profile. Other users sharing your EMR can also print your prescription but it is trackable.

Do I need computers and setup a network for this?

Recommended but not necessary. As long as you have a personal device with a browser and a decent internet connection, you can access EMR.

Can we see each other's patient records?

It depends. Yes if you decided for a common/shared repository for group practices. Else, patients records are not shared for solo practices with unshared EMR.

How much is the subscription?

₱1000 monthly per doctor. Non-doctor accounts are considered free during the early bird promo period. Beyond that period, doctor & non-doctor account access will take effect.

Can the patient set their appointment in the system?

Yes. They just have to visit your dedicated MDRecords EMR. You can manage your appointments in the External Appointments section.

Can we access it offline?

MDRecords is a cloud-based system, we are highly recommending you to have a stable internet connection. But you can access it even with your mobile data.


More about MDRecords

Advancing healthcare solutions through MDRecords

We dream of transforming the healthcare system and our first step is to simplify patient care documentation through MDRecords.

MDRecords is powered by Chinet Creative IT Solutions (CCIS)

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