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"It is generally easy to navigate. User friendly interface. The prefilled templates are generally helpful to shorten the input time in the chart."

Dr. Lynard Anthony Ignacio

Physician from UST Hospital

"The online medical records used in our telemedicine sessions are convenient, easy and comprehensive guides that aid us in doing history and PE, writing our assessment, plans and management for our patient as well as referrals in this online setup. It allows us to be organized and systematic in handling each case so that we don't miss out on any important details. Overall these medical records are very useful especially in the advancement of conducting medical consults via online platforms."

UST Community Clinic

Physician from UST Hospital

"The website of the online medical records is very user friendly. It is easy to navigate on the site which is good especially for health practitioners who are not techie."

UST Community Clinic

Physician from UST Hospital


Patient-Centered Fully Integrated Electronic Medical Records and Healthcare Management Practice

Extensive EMR Documentation

It includes EMR notes for primary care physicians, all subspecialty consultants, dietitian, wound care management, podiatry, dental, ophthalmology, nurses, therapists (speech, PT, OT) and other healthcare professionals.

Prescription Generation

It has the convenience of e-prescriptions electronically sent to the pharmacy. Physician will be able to send from any location and anytime the electronic prescriptions to the patient's community pharmacy within few minutes. Alternatively, prescriptions can be printed legibly by the system to be given to the patient.

Clinical Alerts and Reminders

It gives notification if patient has significant abnormal vital signs monitoring like fever, tachycardia, bradycardia, tachypnea, and hypothermia. It calculates BMI and weight change trends.

Performance-Improvement Tools and Quality Reporting

Administrators and directors can formulate and set their own performance improvement protocols that can be shared with every staff. It can generate reports on the success and quality of the performance improvement projects.

Interfaces with Laboratory and Diagnostic Centers

It will interface with the current laboratory and diagnostic companies. Any non-electronic data will be uploaded as a digital file to the EMR. It can trend the value of each laboratory data for comparative evaluation.

Powerful Dashboard with Monitoring of Compliance

Healthcare staff users will be given alert on incomplete documentation and system will only proceed once it is completed right after log in.

Clinical Measure Monitoring

Monitor how patient measure up to certain clinical parameters such as vaccinations, blood pressure readings, weight trends, HgA1c, LDL and renal function.

Complete ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes

Diagnosis library is always up-to-date and accessible. Smart searching enables you to find specific diagnosis with the use of keywords contained in the diagnosis or words that are synonymous to it.

User-Friendly Specific System

It has a comprehensive yet easy to use functions such as MAR, TAR, care planning and clinical assessments tools. Other databases for specialized units such as hemodialysis and rehabilitation centers will be added if needed.

24 hour Technical Support

The customer service is committed and readily available to address the technical issues in a courteous and fast manner.


MDRecords is an EMR system developed for modern healthcare practices. Our comprehensive database platform streamlines operational functions, improve patient outcomes and enhance patient-centered care management.

Benefits of EMR for medical practice

There are several notable advantages of implementing electronic medical records

Advanced and accurate clinical documentation capabilities.

Enhanced patient workflow and increased productivity.

Measurable improvement in patient care practices with reduction in errors.

Ability to quickly transfer patient data from one department to the next is highly efficient.

Space-saving benefits of a digital records cloud-based environment.

Operational costs are greatly reduced such as transcription services and overtime labor expenses.

System is customizable and scalable that can grow with your practice.

Full healthcare information management in both office and hospital settings are valuable.

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